Kitchen Fixtures, Finishes & Appliances

There are many helpful and engaging articles on choosing the finishes, fixtures and appliances for your remodeled kitchen. We have done our best to curate a list of resources that we think helpful in framing the discussion and narrowing your choices.


Wood flooring continues to reign supreme, according to the 2014 NKBA Kitchen & Bath Style Report. Tile and natural stone follow behind. As you make your selection remember that certain areas of the kitchen floor are going to see heavy traffic. If wood is your choice, regular care and maintenance will be required to keep it looking new. You can expect that every five years a screen buff and recoat will be required to maintain its appearance.

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Countertops & Hard Surfaces

Nothing can make bolder statement in a kitchen than the choice of countertop. While granite dominates the 2014 rankings again, quartz is quickly growing in popularity not only because of its beauty, but also because of its durability and maintenance-free nature.

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As in 2013, ceramic tile continues to be at the top of the list for backsplashes for 2014. Glass, however, is definitely on the move this year. More a question of style than functionality, backsplashes can be a focal point in a remodeled kitchen and offer a chance to show off some personality.

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Sinks and Faucets

Stainless steel sinks remain the favorite in 2014, but granite composite has definitely seen a surge in interest. Don’t forget porcelain enamel, as it’s durability and timeless look have earned a place in many homes, including the Petrie’s. As for faucets, they’ve gone shiny and high tech for 2014.

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Kitchen Appliances

With more advertising dollars behind them than all other components of a kitchen combined, appliances are the brand stars of the kitchen. Those shiny badges with Sub-Zero, Wolf, Viking, Samsung and LG etched into them make us stand up and pay attention. In the end, I would remind you that a Whirlpool fridge keeps a quart of milk at approximately the same temperature as a Sub-Zero. But then, some of us buy Chevy’s and others Mercedes.

Technology is rapidly changing the 2014 landscape for kitchen appliances. Very soon your fridge could be talking to your iPhone. Browse a few of the articles below and see if you’re ready for the networked kitchen!

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