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Kitchen and Bath Design Trends

While design trends don’t perfectly align with the new year—what’s ”in” and what’s “out” doesn’t roll over when the calendar does—it’s still fun to consider what trends we can look forward to in 2024. One of the best things about design right now is that it’s hard to go wrong: so many different design styles, colors, and features are out there. In many ways, it’s easier than ever to truly customize your space to reflect your family and personality.

Many of these trends aren’t brand new, but will be more prevalent in 2024. Take a look through the list and see which trends spark your interest. Even if a kitchen remodel isn’t in your plan for 2024, you might still find things to incorporate in your own home.

Dark tones.

As much as white has reigned supreme over the past decade or two, black and other dark tones such as indigo and charcoal have had a real impact over the past several years. Expect to see more dark colors, especially in unexpected places, such as on walls and ceilings. As far as kitchens and baths go, black cabinetry will continue to emerge as a trend. Black, especially matte black, will also be used for hardware, lighting, plumbing fixtures, and other accents.

Natural materials.

Those dark tones pop all the more when mixed with light-colored natural materials. Think dark-toned cabinets above mixed with natural quarter-sawn oak ones. We’ll also see stone countertops, wood (or wood-look) floors, and cement used for everything from tabletops to sinks. What makes these materials 2023 is when they’re mixed together and used in simple ways for organic, yet modern designs.



To echo that natural theme, earth tones are dominant right now, with cool greens and blues and muted desert tones popping up everywhere. We’re also going to see more color in the home generally. This is partly thanks to updated manufacturing processes, since you can now get cabinetry in virtually any color you can dream up. Appliances are also available now in more colors than ever. This is all in reaction to the all-white rooms that reigned supreme throughout much of the 2010s.


 Subtle stone countertops.

Granite’s long reign is over. Homeowners are now embracing other natural stones of all types, with quartz and quartzite at the top of the list. Solid colors or slabs with subtle movement are preferred, while anything with a “speckled” look feels dated.


Islands as Dining Tables.

Islands are no longer being used only for prep or as secondary seating, but as primary seating in the kitchen, especially for families. Large islands, sometimes with multiple levels of seating are replacing dining tables entirely. This offers a completely integrated, seamless feel to the space, as well as an informal one.

Smart Technology.

Less a trend and more a 21st century reality, smart technology is going to continue to be embraced in everything from refrigerators to thermostats to toasters. Clients, especially younger ones, are looking for smartphone connectivity anywhere possible, especially if it helps to reduce energy usage in the home.


Hidden Butler’s Pantries.

Butler’s pantries, and walk-in pantries generally, are especially popular right now. A hidden butler’s pantry that incorporates a small prep area on top of extra storage is both useful and practical—at least for those who have the space.

Custom Storage.

When open kitchens and bathrooms are desired, the need for clever storage solutions are of utmost importance. This is partially fueled by the rise of TikTok and Instagram, and the novelty storage solutions you can find via a quick scroll through these apps. Homeowners want custom storage solutions for everything from their hair accessories to their refrigerators. Many of these storage solutions can be built right in to the cabinets, though almost anything can be added later.

Large showers.

Clients are continuing to remodel their primary baths to remove oversized tubs and replace them with large, spa-like, shower areas. The result is the translation of the open-plan concept to the bathroom, with big, open spaces free of walls.


Floating Vanities.

To continue that clean, open look, floating vanities—a vanity attached to the wall instead of resting on the floor—will be more prominent. Floating vanities provide a streamlined look with an unbroken floor plan; perfect to show off interesting tile flooring.

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